Scotland – the home of geology

51 Best Places to see Scotland's GeologyScotland’s geodiversity is world-class: shaped during three billion years of our planet’s history by the movements of the Earth’s tectonic plates, mountain building, volcanism, ice ages, sea-level change and the processes of erosion and deposition.

The 51 Best Places to see Scotland’s Geology project will help you find out more about Scotland’s geological heritage, and guide you to the best places to see different elements of the story laid out in our country’s beautiful landscapes.

The second Hugh Miller Writing Competition invited entries inspired by fossil discoveries made in Scotland over the last 30 years. The competition, which takes its name from Scotland’s celebrated self-taught geologist, Hugh Miller, was organised by the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, the Friends of Hugh Miller and many other partners. is a permanent gateway site. Sections of the site include:
Scotland’s Geology: Getting started, geological time scale, simplified geological map of Scotland, regional geology and famous Scottish geologists.
51 Best Places to see Scotland’s geology and Where to go: museums, walks and information centres.
Find out more: Geoconservation, Geoparks, publications, teachers’ guide, activity packs and glossary.

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