100 Great Geosites across the UK & Ireland

The UK and Ireland features some of the most diverse and beautiful geology in the world, spanning most of geological time, from the oldest Pre-Cambrian rocks to the youngest Quaternary sediments. As part of Earth Science Week 2014, The Geological Society and partner organisations are celebrating this unique geo-heritage by launching a list of 100 Great Geosites across the UK and Ireland.

A geosite could be anything from a classic outcrop, to a museum, to structures featuring striking building stones. The only rules are that the site is in the UK or Ireland, and can be visited by the public.

To come up with a list, we need your help. Send us your favourite geosites on Twitter using #100geosites, Facebook, or by emailing us at 100geosites@geolsoc.org.uk.  You can support your nomination with anything you like – be it photographs, videos or enthusiastic words. We’re hoping that, as well as the classic geological sites the UK and Ireland are famous for, we’ll receive some surprises!