And the winners are …

fossilfiveinviteThanks to everyone who voted for Scotland’s favourite fossils. We’re delighted to announce that the Fossil Five are …

1. Devonian Fish: Fossils from the Devonian ‘Age of Fishes’ are found across Scotland, recording a time when life flourished in rivers and lakes.

2. Jurassic dinosaurs of the Isle of Skye: Fossilised footprints and bone remains found on the Isle of Skye show that rarely-preserved Middle Jurassic dinosaurs once roamed there.

3. Early tetrapods: The search for the missing link between amphibians and land-dwelling reptiles has been greatly enhanced by fossil discoveries in Scotland.

4. Trilobites: Perhaps one of the most recognisable fossils, slater-like trilobites of all different shapes and sizes can be found across Lowland Scotland.

5. Fossil trees: During the late Carboniferous period around 310 million years ago, the Scottish Lowlands were covered in dense tropical rainforest.

You can read more about all these groups, and other important fossils in the Scotland’s Fossils section.