Edinburgh Science Festival – events with a geological/earth science focus

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is on until 07 April. The events listed below address themes of local geology or of general earth-science. For full details visit http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk/

  • Discover our Earth, National Museum of Scotland; all ages; 23 – 27 March.
  • Geowalks: shaping Edinburgh – past, present and future (walk starts at the top of Granny’s Green Steps, Johnston Terrace); 7+; Duration 2 hours; 30 March and 1, 3, 5, 6 April.
  • Explore the energy lab, National Mining Museum; 8+; 25-29 March and 1-5 April.
  • Professor Eggshead’s just in time, Scottish Seabird Centre; 4+; 1 hour; 23 March – 7 April.
  • Earth science live, Our Dyamic Earth; all ages; 23 March – 7 April.
  • Air pollution:out of sight, out of mind (SEPA), Teviot Row Dining Room; 26 March.
  • Water, water virtually everywhere (James Hutton Institute et al), Teviot Row Dining Room; 27 March
  • Strange Ice (Prof Andrea Sella), National Museum of Scotland Auditorium, 30 March
  • Scotland’s marine renewables (University of Edinburgh), Teviot Row Dining Room, 5 April;