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More about different aspects of Scotland’s geology. In this section, you can explore:

  • The Hugh Miller Writing Competition carries the name of one of Scotland’s most remarkable geologists, Hugh Miller (1802-1856), and aims to honour his legacy by inspiring new, original prose and poetry on the theme of Scotland’s geoheritage. You can read all the winning entries from the first three competitions here.
  • Geoparks: find out more about the four Scottish Geoparks, and visit their websites.
  • Geoconservation: what are Local Geodiversity Sites and Scotland’s Local Geoconservation Groups.
  • Geotourism: visiting Scotland? Find out about tours and attractions
  • Teachers’ Page & Activity Packs: activities for different age groups, and link to organisations and other websites that can help with classroom activities.
  • Glossary of common terms you’ll come across when studying Scotland’s geology.