Ask-a-geologist events during Geoweek 9-17 May 2020

Stuck indoors with your rock collection? Always wanted to know more about a favourite? During Geoweek from 9-17 May, join a geologist online to ask about any rock, fossil or mineral specimen, and find out about their favourite rocks.

Saturday 9th May, 10am with Paige dePolo & Isla Simmons, University of Edinburgh
Sunday 10th May, 3pm with Gillian McCay, University of Edinburgh
Wednesday 13th May, 3pm with Laura Hamlet and Pete Harrison, North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark
Friday 15th May, 4pm with Simon Cuthbert, Geological Society of Glasgow
Saturday 16th May, 7pm ** Sorry, this event is cancelled due to family illness** with Stuart Blake, Lochranza Outdoor Education & Activity Centre and the Arran Geopark
Rescheduled to Sunday 24 May, 4pm with Mark Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh

To join in, email Angus Miller for further details and an invite. If you like, you can email pictures in advance (best taken in bright, natural light).

Additional event from the Geological Society of Glasgow: Ask the Rock Docs Sunday, 17 May 2020 from 12:00-15:00
Email your image of a rock, mineral, fossil or geological structure and the Rock Docs will try and identify and explain it. Email an image before hand and we may contact you on the day to discuss your pet rock.

And for your convenience, here are three other Ask-A-Geologist events in the UK:

Ask a Geologist Online – with Derek Rust, Tuesday 12/5/2020, 2pm
An online meeting, using Webex, to remotely explore our fascinating planet.
Very pleased to offer answers online to your geological questions and, using your webcam, try and identify your geological hand specimens. More or less any geological questions or hand specimens but, please note, I am NOT a specialist palaeontologist so your fossil specimens/questions would be better directed elsewhere. Email

Ask a (Buckingham) Geologist! Wednesday 13/5/2020, 7pm
Have you found a rock, mineral or fossil and want to know its hidden history? Looking for a geologist to unlock its secrets? This is the (virtual) place and GeoWeek is the time…
During GeoWeek I will be available online to tell the stories in your stones. Just drop me an email at, ideally with a photo or two of your own little piece of geology, to book a place in a group session or a one-to-one chat – via Zoom or just on email. I’ll send the secret code for the option you choose.

Ask a Geologist with Aisling O’Kane, University of Cambridge, Friday 15/5/2020, 10.30am
Hi, I’m Aisling and I am a second-year Earth Sciences PhD student at the University of Cambridge. I look at how the ground shakes from earthquakes and the associated hazard posed to communities around the world. I am hosting a virtual meeting over Zoom on Friday 15th May 2020 at 10:30 BST as part of GeoWeek’s ‘Ask-A-Geologist’ event to answer all your burning questions regarding Earth Science, University, PhD life and what it is like to be a ‘Women in Science’.

If you are a prospective student considering Earth Sciences at university or possibly looking into pursuing a PhD, I’m happy to answer your questions!

Common questions that I often get asked (but feel free to ask anything!):

  • What is it like to study/research Earth Science? (What does a typical undergraduate/postgraduate course in Earth Sciences entail?)
  • What is it like to be a ‘Women in Science?'(Let’s break down those stereotypes!)
  • What is a typical day in the life of a geologist?

To join in, email Aisling at

Find out more about Geoweek – this a new initiative, launched in 2018, that aims to promote ‘active geoscience’ via a ‘week’ of field trip activities taking place across the UK and Northern Ireland during a week in May. This year, activities are restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope to be back with a full outdoor programme in 2021.