Lochaber Geopark – Geotours 2019

Lochaber Geopark is proud to present its programme of field excursions for 2019. Geotours are led by local geologists and take you to locations of outstanding scenery and impressive geological history. We offer a large range of Geotours from half-day up to 5 days in length. The rocks of Lochaber cover nearly 3 billion years of earth’s history, including two periods of mountain building and volcanic activity that marked the opening of the North Atlantic. The tours will link our wonderful scenery to this majestic history.

There are tours planned throughout the summer and it is also possible to arrange a custom geotour for small groups.

To see the programme, and to book a Geotour, visit the Lochaber Geopark website here: https://lochabergeopark.org.uk/product-category/geotours/