Petition about the state of Fossil Grove, Glasgow

fossilgroveThe Fossil Grove in Victoria Park, Glasgow, contains the fossilised stumps of eleven extinct Lepidodendron trees. These are the remains of an ancient forest, around 330 million years old, and the site is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, (SSSI).

The fossils were discovered in 1887, and were a popular tourist attraction in Glasgow. It was even mentioned in National Geographic’s places to visit 2016!

However, the future is not rosy and bright for Fossil Grove. They may have survived for 330 million years but they wont be around for too much longer if some action isn’t taken soon to preserve the site. As mentioned, the site is an SSSI, which puts a statutory duty of care on the owners of a particular site. The present owners of the site are Glasgow Council’s Land and Environmental Services, although up until the formation of Glasgow Life the building housing the fossils was part of Museum Services.

SNH have a duty to carry out regular assessments of the SSSI’s. In their 2008 assessment, the condition of Fossil Grove was notified as ‘Favourable, maintained’, although the report notes that issues of water ingress and humidity that were mentioned in the previous assessment in 2000 had not been resolved. The most recent SNH report on the site, in December 2015, downgraded the site to ‘Unfavourable and declining’. A petition has been created to appeal to Glasgow City Council to take action to prevent the continued degradation of this site and preserve this Site of Special Scientific Interest and historical and cultural importance to Glasgow and beyond.

If you are a resident of Glasgow, please consider supporting this petition to save the Fossil Grove. It takes about 60 seconds or less to complete.