Vandalism of the Witch Craig Wall, West Lothian

Lothian and Borders GeoConservation are sad to report vandalism of the Witch Craig geological wall in the Bathgate Hills in West Lothian. The top part of this beautiful sculpture has been destroyed, and damage was also caused to a nearby historical refuge stone.


Damage to the Witch Craig Wall, Linlithgow
Witch Craig Wall, Bathgate Hills (photo courtesy Andrew McMillan)

The wall was constructed in 2003 and illustrates the geological variety of central Scotland, with 43 different stones from places that can be seen from this view point. Its national importance is illustrated by the used of the wall as a case study to support the development of Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter.

Lothian and Borders GeoConservation are now planning to rebuild the wall, and it is hoped the work can be completed quickly to minimise the risk of further damage.